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The Church Under Attack in Nigeria
Chinese Colonialism in Zimbabwe
Urgent Call for Prayer for Christians Under Fire in Africa
Zimbabwe Power Failures
Frontline Celebrates 30 Years of God's Protection
Frontline Celebrates 30 Years of God's Faithfulness
Persecution of Christians Increases
America Admits Misguided Policies on Zimbabwe
Remember Rhodesia - Independence
South Sudan Successful Struggle for Secession
Christians Targeted in the Nuba Moutains of Sudan
Churches Bombed in Nigeria and Burned in Ethiopia
60 Years in Missions
What is Happening in the Middle East?
Mugabe's Blood Diamonds
Europe Mission 2010
Faith Under Fire in Sudan
Electoral Jihad in Sudan
Mission to Zambia
The Cold War and the Iron Curtain
Confronting Communists on Campus
The Fall of the Berlin Wall 20 Years Ago
The Red Cross, The Bible and War Wounded in Sudan
Zimbabwe Mission
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Recent Articles

Does Your Calendar Reflect Your Faith?
Counter Attack
100 Years After the Titanic Tragedy
Winning the World War of Worldviews
Hijacking Our Youth
The Blood of the Lamb
The Sinking of Lusitania
The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe of World War I
Mozambique Revisited
Animism, Ancestors and ANC
Persecution in the Bible
Persecution in History
Serving the Persecuted
Praying for Justice
Living by Faith
Henry Morton Stanley
The Battle of Lepanto
The Siege of Malta
Why Does God not Stop All the Suffering?
The Authority of Christ and the First Day Sabbath
The French Revolution
A Biblical Response to Slander
When Natural Disasters Hit
Isn't Religion a Crutch for the Weak?
Postmodernism and the Emergent Church
KJV 400
What About Hypocrites in the Church?
South Africa for Christ
Sudan in the Scriptures
No Mosque at Ground Zero
Guilt Manipulation vs Real Repentance
Conviction and Courage
Remember the Persecuted
Women at Risk Worldwide
Martin Luther's Date With Destiny
The Urgent Need for Reformation Today
The Greatest Century of Reformation
Recognising God's Voice
Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World
The Most Powerful Witness
Hollywood, Humanism and History
How the Vikings Were Won to Christ
Incredible Creation and Spectacular Science
But Aren't All Religions the Same?
How Can a Good God Allow Evil?
Marvels of Creation and Science
The Importance of Ascension Day
The Law of God and the Gospel of Christ
You Shall not Covet
Andrew Murray and the 1860 Revival
The Blood of Christ
Racism, Xenophobia and Hate Speech
The Cross of Christ
Christ is Risen Indeed - Evidences for the Resurrection
You Shall Not Bear False Witness
Dr. James Kennedy - A Friend to Missionaries in Africa
You Shall not Commit Adultery
You Shall not Murder
What Every Christian Should Know about the Crusades
Honour Your Parents
Abortion is Murder
What Every Christian Should Know About the Inquisition
Honour the Lord's Day
Honour the Lord's Name
Idols for Destruction
Honour the Lord's Name
Putting God First
Disinformation About the Twelve Days of Christmas
Why Do So Many Fail and Give Up
Spiritual Warfare
How to be Effective in Missions - Without Becoming a Victim
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out
The Urgent Need for Revival Today
Ulster Revival of 1859
Debating Polygamy
Evangelism - The Lifeblood of the Church
Africa for Christ
Slavery Today and Setting the Captives Free
Warfare and the Word
Faith and Firearms
Remember Rhodesia - Pray for Zimbabwe
Confronting Crisis with Christian Confidence
The Battle for South Africa
Reforming Our Families - Reforming Our Nation
Being Relevant and Compassionate in a Broken World
Leaders for Africa
The Greatest Book in the World
The Battle for the Mind in the News Media
Restoring Zimbabwe
How to be Effective in Missions without becoming a Victim
Sudan in the Scriptures
The Crusades and Jihad
Mobilising Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Halloween and The Bible
Supernatural Power for World Missions
Africa for Christ
Zimbabwe - A Lesson in How to Destroy Christian Civilisation
The National Suicide of the Xhosa
The Bible and Animals
Body Piercing- a Return to Paganism
The Criminalization of South Africa
The Paganization of South Africa
Why is There so Much Hostility Against the Bible and Christianity?
Understanding the Attacks on Peter Hammond
When All Men Speak Well of You
A Biblical Response to Slander
Dealing with Pathalogical Antagonists
Flying the Christian Flag
Affirmative Action is Racism
The Book of Books
The End of Islam
Why Do So Many Fail & Give Up?
Christians Can Change this World

Family Articles

Lenora Hammond
Amish Grace
Biblical Femininity
A Teenager Looks at Modesty
Bullying in Our Schools
Bullying - A Biblical Perspective
Discipline or Disorder?
Home Schooling - Is Now the Time?
What Shapes the Family?
Reclaiming the Family
Responsible Education
Modesty - The Undressing of our Youth
When Boys Fight and Compete
Why Wooden Swords& Plastic Guns are Essential for Boys

Film Reviews

The Iron Lady
180 Movie
Amish Grace
Invictus Idolatry
John Adams Mini-Series
Queen Elizabeth I
Sir Walter Raleigh
Amazing Grace
Facing the Giants
Faith Like Potatoes
The End of the Spear
The Da Vinci Delusion
Through the Wardrobe
Kingdom of Heaven
Hotel Rwanda
Two Brothers
New Film on Luther
King Arthur - Rewriting History
Troy - the Rest of the Story
God and Generals
The Passion of the Christ
To Kill a King
Tears of the Sun
Fatal Flaws in The Four Feathers
Titanic Tragedy
The Last Temptation of Christ
Videos, Games and TV
Minds, Morals and Movies
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A Manifesto for Christians in Africa:

Foundations of a Biblical Worldview

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Christian Terror

Classic Book by Rev Arthur Lewis. Republished and available as an e-book

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Practical Discipleship

From the INTRODUCTION to Practical Discipleship by Rev. Erlo Stegen, Founder and director of KwaSizabantu Mission:

"The timeless truths of Biblical discipleship need to be proclaimed in every generation. ’If you want to be My disciple.' is always linked to the day-to-day outworking of following Christ in one's secret life, family life, community life and in every other field.

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“What a story, what courage to obtain it, what determination it displays about the Sudanese Christians who do not succumb to Islam in its cruelest and worst manifestation in the world today! Would what Christians around the world were to read this sobering account and support our brothers and sisters in the Faith in prayer, publicity and practical help… Faith Under Fire in Sudan is a vital publication … it deserves a global distribution.” - Patrick Johnstone, WEC Missionary, Author of “Operation World”, England

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also read Sudan in the Scriptures

Great New Resource for Missions

Since 1982 Frontline Fellowship has pioneered missions throughout Africa. Since 1998 Frontline Fellowship has been conducting Great Commission Courses. The enthusiastic responses of participants who have travelled from all over the world to take part in these life changing courses have encouraged us to produce this completely new Great Commission Manual and a two disc MP3 box set with 45 of the GCC audio presentations. This, along with Biblical Worldview Summit MP3 lectures, which are an integral part of the first phase of the GCC, will make much of the course materials accessible to those who otherwise could not participate.

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The humanitarian disaster in Zimbabwe has been described as a “man made tsunami.” Many of the people in this longsuffering country who have watched their homes and churches being bulldozed and burned by Mugabe's army and police are calling it: “the Mugabe tsunami.”

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