New AV Resources

Our audio-visual department has produced a number of very useful audio MP3 Boxsets.

South Africa for Christ

South Africa for Christ includes 37 lectures by Dr. Peter Hammond, on two MP3 CDs. These key messages were presented during his August/September 2010 mission around the country. In three and a half weeks, driving over 5,000km throughout South Africa, Dr. Hammond conducted over 100 meetings, including 10 churches, 8 Christian schools, 3 mission stations, 3 Christian radio stations, 2 universities, a Bible college, a Teacher training college and a Ministers Fraternal.

This South Africa mission included conducting a Biblical Worldview Seminar in Transvaal, a Great Commission Seminar in Mpumalanga, speaking at the Christians for Truth Conference, and conducting another Biblical Worldview Seminar in East London. This unique MP3 Boxset includes such vital presentations as: Why Do We Need a Biblical Worldview?; Sudan: The Crusades vs Jihad; Discerning Between True and False Guidance; God and Government; Evangelism Workshop; How Christianity Impacted the World; Your Sin Will Find You Out; Missions in the Bible; The Greatness of the Great Commission; David Livingstone – The Greatest Friend Africa ever Had; What Does it Take to Succeed in Missions: Understanding Hinduism; William Carey – The Father of Modern Missions; The Challenge of Missions; Understanding Islam; The Mountains of God; What is the Difference Between Christianity and All Other Religions?; Why is There Evil in the World?; Give me That Mountain!; Andrew Murray and the 1860 Revival; Marvels in Creation and Science; Hollywood’s Crusade Against Christianity; God’s Law or Chaos; Worldviews in Conflict; A World War of Worldviews; The Battle for the Mind in the News Media; Evangelism Explosion; Revival Amidst Persecution in Sudan; True and False Guidance; Dealing with Guilt Manipulation and South Africa and The Day of the Covenant.

50 Devotions for Radio

Our AV department has also put together an MP3 Boxset with 50 Devotional Messages given by Dr. Peter Hammond at Christian Community Radio stations around South Africa.

Europe for Christ

From Peter and Lenora Hammond’s mission to Europe in July 2010, our audio visual department was able to put together a Europe for Christ MP3 Boxset with 22 of Dr. Peter Hammond’s presentations given in Europe, including 11 translated into Danish, 2 into Flemish and 2 into German. It also includes Lenora Hammond’s presentation on Biblical Femininity, translated into Danish.

The English/Danish lectures include: The Heart of the Gospel; The Christian Family; The Lord’s Day; Justification; Reformation or Islamisation; Biblical Femininity; The Reformer – John Calvin; Learning from the Persecuted Church; Table Talk – Open Discussion; How Martin Luther Transformed the Family; Gospel Literature in Missions and 25 Steps to Reformation.

English lectures delivered (mostly in Sweden), without translation include: Christian Courage; The Reformer Martin Luther; Revival in the Bible and in History; The Life and Legacy of Reformer Martin Luther; The Greatness of the Great Commission; Reformation or Islamisation and Working for a New Reformation.

English/Flemish lectures include: Reformation or Islamisation and The Challenge of Islam.

English/German lectures include, in two parts: Reformation or Islamisation.

Answering Skeptics

This 2 Disc MP3 Boxset includes 25 messages by Dr. Peter Hammond, dealing with objections and challenges frequently raised by opponents of the Gospel. The Answering Skeptics MP3 Boxset includes: What is the Difference Between Christianity and All Other Religions?; If God is Good, Why is there Evil in the World?; How Can I Know There is a God?; How Can a Loving God Send Anyone to Hell?; Prophetic Proof That the Bible is the Word of God; The Trial of Jesus; Marvels in Creation and Science; The Search for Meaning and Purpose; I’m Not Ashamed of the Gospel; Eternal Judgment; The Trinity; The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived; The Greatest Book in the World; The Roots of Education; The Reformation Roots of Science; The Battle For the Mind in the News Media; The Greatest Killer; Death by Government; The Worst Disaster; Jesus is the Messiah. We Serve a Risen Saviour; How to Fail in Life; Christ is Risen; You are What you Read; and Why is There Suffering?

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